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Fall Sneak Peek + Summer Blowout

Steve Bauer

Fall is right around the corner, and some fresh GRZLY gear is in order. I've already started working on some new designs. A few new men's crewnecks, some new ladies' styles, and a hoodie.

The general theme for this release is "fuck your feelings." Sick and tired of this sensitive world we live in. Humans are getting softer by the minute. Our species has come so far in terms of acceptance, co-habitation, and understanding. We've overcome so many of the social injustices of past generations. It's beautiful and inspiring. But that doesn't mean everyone has to be such a fucking PC pussy all the god damn time.

That being said, a quick peek at one of the new crewnecks that will be dropping in a few weeks:



These will be up for pre-order very soon. As with everything though, when the new comes in, the old must go out. So I'm throwing an end-of-summer blowout sale tomorrow night. More on that in a few.

Every thursday, myself and some pals DJ at Dingo's Den, which is a local watering hole located in Clifton, NJ. Tomorrow night, we will be throwing it down, and I will also have some GRZLY merch babes on deck this week. I'll have a big table with all the summer gear on clearance. Some select styles as low as $5. Supplies are limited though, so get it while you can. Jump-off tomorrow at 10PM.

615 Van Houten Ave / Clifton, NJ

615 Van Houten Ave / Clifton, NJ

Party on, y'all.